Download Rasm-e-Duniya OST in mp3. This OST has been sung Ali Azmat and lyrics has been written by Sabir Zafar where the title song has been composed by Waqar Ali. The main cast of drama is Armeena Khan, Bilal Abaas and Sami Khan. This is another drama in which we will see love triangle. Usually it is sisters who love the same guy in dramas but in this drama you will see that two brother fall in love with one girl. Could not say much about the story of drama bus you can get some idea from the OST video following.

Ali Azmat is singing after a long time specially for the drama and he did really good job. The lyrics of the song is also fine and set perfect with the voice of Ali Azmat. You can download the title song of Rasm-e-Duniya below.

Title Song of Rasm-e-Duniya Download mp3 and Lyrics

Download Sammi OST in mp3. This beautiful OST has been sung Zeb Bangash and Zaheer Abaas and lyrics has been written by Imran Raza where the title song has been composed by Sahir Ali Bagga. The lyrics are mix in Punjabi and Urdu language. The full OST of Sammi is not yet available so we are sharing only the part which has been released by the HUM TV. But don't worry because we will share the full mp3 file of this son and full lyrics of Sammi as soon as it will be available for download.

The drama has been written by Noorul Huda Shah and it is based on village life of Pakistan where girls has been vani in case of murder or any other crime of the family member (usually in exchange of the crime of man). Till now, the story is totally brilliant but there is weakness in acting. But this is too early to judge the drama, its story and the cast. Till now, download enjoy this beautiful OST of the drama.

Title Song of Sammi Download mp3 and Lyrics

Considered to be the cultural hub of Pakistan, Lahore portrays an image like no other city in the world. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious cities in the world as it continues to enchant the visitors with its beautiful amalgamation of modernity and history.

Usually, when modernity and history cross each other's path, they tend to destroy each other. However, in Lahore when both of these important aspects of culture cross path, they do not eliminate each other. They rather create a beautiful mosaic out of fragments that are imprinted, all over the city, with the various events of history.

How is Life in Lahore?

Download Bachay Baraye Farokht OST in mp3. The OST has been dung by Sanam Marvi where the name of the person who has written the lyrics are unknow. But I must say that, the voice of Sanam Marvi with these powerful lyrics fit.

Bachay Baraye Farokht is the new drama which you can watch on Urdu1 TV. The story of Drama Bachay Baraye Farokht is all about a girl who has been abandoned by her family after the death of his husband. The story also cover her struggle to live the life along with her 3 kids on road.

I can't say much about the story of drama as there is not much shown in the promo and trailer of the drama serial Bachay Baraye Farokht but I a expected a lot from this drama because of its title.

Title Song of Bachay Baraye Farokht Download mp3 and Lyrics

Download Sang-e-Mar Mar OST in mp3. This title song has been sun by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan where lyrics has been written by Imran Raza. Each and every line of Sang-e-Mar Mar title song is hear touching. The beautiful composition of this song has been done by famous Sahir Ali Bagga. The drama serial has been produced by Momina Duraid where it has been written by Mustafa Afridi and directed by Saife Hassan.

Accept our apologies. We don't know that how we forget the to share the download link of this beautiful or "masterpiece" title song of heart breaking drama serial of HumTV. We are watching each and every episode of this drama and has to accept that this is one of the best drama serial you can watch on Pakistani TV channel at the moment.

Amazing dialogue, beautiful OST, amazing acting of Noman Ijaz, Sania Saeed and other stars has made this drama one of those which has been remembered by people for ages.

Title Song of Sang-e-Mar Mar Download mp3 and Lyrics

Download Sun Yara OST in mp3. This song has been sung by Damia Farooq and ft. by Junaid Khan khan. We have no information about the person who has write the lyrics of this song. This is the OST of the new drama serial of ARY Digital. We have not seen the drama yet but the title song is getting popular because of beautiful lyrics and voice of the singer.

As per promo of the drama serial Sun Yara, there are so many popular and new faces are there where the promo overall excites us to watch it. The story look new and promising with strong cast. You can watch all episodes of Sun Yara on every Monday at 8 PM. Bu till now, enjoy the beautiful title song of Sun Yaara and read the lyrics if you like it.

Title Song of Sun Yara Download mp3 and Lyrics

Year 2017 is already started, so do our wait for new Pakistani movies which has been scheduled to release in 2017. We have shared the list of Top 10 Highest Grossing Pakistani Movies of last year which ensure us that the Pakistani film industry is releasing very high quality movies. So, waiting for new movies which planned to release in year 2017 is justified at least for us.

Till now, only 6 movies have been scheduled to release in 2017 but you will expect to see more than just that. There are more than 20 movies which are in the mid of their product. So, expect them to get release in year 2017.

In the following list, we are only including those which are already viral on social media and news due to their cast and previous record of their directors. But do not worry, because in the end of the list, you will able to see the name of those Pakistani movies too which are under production and have some chances to get release in 2017.

Good news, you won’t see only Urdu films in 2017 but also movies in Punjabi language as they are still in demand in Punjab due to their typical themes, songs and story.

Pakistani Movies List 2017 - Trailer and Release Date

Download Ahsas OST in mp3. We do not have any information about the person who has written the lyrics of ehsas drama title song and singer. But the voice is very familiar. We will update the post when we got the name of writer and singer soon.

You can watch drama serial Ahsas on Urdu one TV on Tuesday at PM. There are many popular name includes in the cast of Ahsas including Nouman Ijaz and we love his acting. The story revolve around a poor young girl who get married with an old guy and try to survive with the new family who does not accept her. Till now Ahsaas's story is very interesting and new. Later Faysal Qureshi will be seen in the drama in leading role (may be he will replace or take place of Nouman Ejaz)

Title Song of Ahsas Download mp3 and Lyrics

We have shared the list of Top 10 Highest Grossing Pakistani Movies, and you loved it. Before the year 2017 start, we bring the list of top 10 highest grossing Pakistani movies of 2016. As compare to previous years, this year was very lucky for the Pakistani film industry. Many movies already earned more than 115 crores where the highest-grossing movie of the year was Actor in Law.

Total 27 movies were released in Pakistan in the year 2016 where so many different movies are already completed and waiting for their release in the year 2017. We have seen so many very good quality of movies in 2016. Some of them were funny movies like Actor in Law, Lahore Se Aagey and Bachaana where movies like Maalik, Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal and Mah e Mir totally shocked the world with its amazing script. But only a few made the list of top 10 highest grossing Pakistani movies of 2016.

This year, we have not only seen new movies with new songs, acting and comedy, but we have seen so many new faces. Pakistani movies did not make in home cinema only but also being successful in countries like UAE, America, and the UK etc. We have a very limited screen in Pakistan but still making such a huge amount of profit is appreciated.

Calling a movie best just because of its gross profit will be wrong because each of the movies which has been released in the year 2016 has their own specialty. But still, we have only included the name of those movies which has earned most in past year.

Top 10 Highest Grossing Pakistani Movies 2016

The list of Best Pakistani Dramas of 2016 contains the name of those dramas which bring something new to the fans of Pakistani dramas. The popular channels at the moment which are showing best dramas in Pakistan are Hum TV and ARY Digital. Indeed there are other TV channels too where you can watch dramas daily like GEO, TV On, A-Plus, Ajj TV and PTV but their dramas did not make in our list of Top Dramas of 2016. Because we have not seen variety in their dramas at all or you can say that they did not bring something which you should watch.

Nope, this list does not have the name of some popular dramas of 2016 like Mann Mayal, Tum Kon Piya or Zara Yaad ker. These dramas have wonderful start but the story goes down with the passage of time of you can say that we are not putting their names on the list because they turn to be very slow dramas after first good episodes.

Top and Best Pakistani TV Dramas of 2016