It has been about 69 years since the people of Kashmir are fighting for their fight. Kashmir has been occupied by India illegally in 1948 when UN has issued United Nations Security Council Resolution 47. According to UN 47, the government of India has to held a referendum in Kashmir in which they will decide their fate, whether they want to be part of India, Pakistan or want to be a separate state from both of these countries. But no voting has been held and India did not followed the order of UN at all.

Since the first day of the, people of Kashmir are suffering from India’s illegal occupation in Kashmir. There has been thousands of Kashmiri’s killed by India army where other violation by Indian army which included the raped of thousands of Kashmiri women should not be ignored here. But the love of people of Kashmir for Pakistan has not been decreased even in these 49 years.

Following is the list of those pictures in which you can see the struggle of brave Kashmiris along with Pakistan flag which has been waved hundreds of time every year in Kashmir. In return, Indian army killed dozens of Kashmiris just for waving flag of Pakistan.

We hope that one day their struggle with be ended with positive results in which they decide their own fate.

People of Kashmir waving flag of Pakistan - Photos

Historical picture of Pakistan independence, collect from Pakistan art gallery, Quaid-e-Azam old picture also include. Pakistan history pictures, Photos, Videos.

Ever wonder how does people of Pakistan has celebrated their first independence day along with great people like Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Fatima Jinnah and other great personality? There are very rear pictures of Pakistan's first independence day exist and some of them are actually belongs to partition and life of refugees after independence.

Following I am sharing some really old pictures which related to Pakistan Independence, Every picture is unique and tell you the story behind the Azaadi of Pakistan. Each of these photo has caption which help you to understand that what exactly happening in these pictures.

Celebrating Pakistan Independence Day in 1947 in Pictures

Recently everyone is talking about very first cyber crime bill of Pakistan which comes up with the list of new crimes which were not crime just few days ago. This cyber crime bill of Pakistan is not all about hacking, spamming or restriction on hate speech but it is beyond that. Still most of people who use internet are not aware about this bill while those who are aware with this do not know exactly the punishment of specific crime.

Recently, according to news, there are several individuals has been arrest in Pakistan for breaching these laws. So, it is very important to get yourself informed with the laws of cyber crimes and their punishment. Following I am sharing the list of those cyber crimes law which are already in practice and stealing any of them could cause of huge fine and jail in prison etc.

Up to 3 Years in Prison or Up to Rs. 1 Million in Fine or both for Spreading False Information about an Individual

Example: Sharing wrong information on internet including social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, website, blog and online forum about a person which damaged the reparation of person and not true.

List of Cyber Crimes in Pakistan and Their Punishments

Lux Style Award 2016 held at Expo Center Karachi. Lux Style Awards are surly one of the most awaited award show because it does not biased to specific channel or number of movies like Hum TV awards show or ARY awards show. Lux Style Award 2016 is a great platform for the audience to get the best picture of Pakistan film, television, music and fashion industry at one place.

Last year Pakistan had so many successful movies, drama serials, soaps, new music and addition to Pakistan fashion industry. Surly, it was not an easy choice for the audience to pick the best among all because all of the nominees of Lux Style Awards was very talented.

You will able to watch Lux Style Award 2016 very soon on your TV screen. The date for the show has not yet been announced but you should expect it in the month of August. But to know who are the winners of Lux Style Awards 2016, you don’t need to wait for weeks until it has been telecast on TV screen because I bring the list of Lux Style Awards 2016’s winner list.

Winners of Lux Style Awards 2016

The result for matric 2016 has been already announced by all the major BISE boards of Punjab including Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and many more. The result of matric is one of the most awaited result for the students because it is their first board exam result. On the bases of their matriculation exam result, many student decide about their future career and about the field they will study in the future (intermediate).

This year, the top position holders scored about 98% in their exam and qualified for high prizes by the Punjab government, district government and their school.

Student Who Scored 93% in Matric Exams is No More with Us

The famous model Qandeel Baloch has been murdered by her own brother in Multan. According to her parent's and media, his brother Waseem has killed Qandeel Baloch because of her controversial pictures and videos on social media. Specially Qandeel Baloch's latest performance in BAN song was something which has never been done in Pakistan. She has gone too far but she forget that she is living in a society who does not accept what she was doing in the music videos.

Qandeel Baloch is no more with us and we hope that she will get justice of her murder in both words but she has left so many questions which will probably never going to be answered and she will be forgotten soon. But before people start forgetting Qandeel Baloch, I would like to share top ten lesson’s which we as Pakistani should learn from her murder live safe and longer in Pakistan.

10 Lessons Qandeel Baloch Murder Taught Us

Whether its Qandeel Baloch scandal l videos, strip dance or twerking in music video, she got fame each and every time in both negative and positive ways. But now she is in news and become trend of social media due to her wedding photos and photo of her ex husband and only son.

Qandeel Baloch does not required any introduction. She is equally famous in Pakistan and India. She becomes internet sensation after her stripping video. Even in her recent music video she twerk. There is no day when Qandeel try to get fame by doing something extra ordinary which is usually vulgar but her scandal with Mufti Qavi who was member of Ruet-e-Hilal committee, she become more famous while majority of her haters appreciate her for exposing the real face of Qavi.

Photos of Qandeel Baloch Husband and Son

It is not easy to find out latest mehandi designs or new henna designs specially when internet is full with same old but beautiful henna designs. Every time when Eid comes or the special occasion like wedding, mehndi function or other events came, girls get excited to print beautiful mehandi designs on their hands and feet but they did not found latest henna tattoo designs on internet. So, today I have decided to make the biggest collection of mehandi designs which are specific to mehndi designs for hands. This collection includes all those henna designs which makes your hands more beautiful with creative and beautiful henna designs. To make this henna designs useful for everyone, I have also includes easy henna designs and simple mehndi designs images so that everyone can take benefit from this collection.

Applying mehndi design could be very tricky if you have not did it before in your life. So it is better to practice mehndi design on paper another part of body before you actually apply on visible areas like hands and feet. You could also get help from YouTube regarding to applying henna tattoo designs on your hands. There are hundreds of free mehndi design tutorial videos are available on YouTube. Start applying mehndi designs from simple and easy henna/mehndi designs to get better results. With the practice you could easily learn how to apply beautiful henna designs on your hands.

Mehndi or Henna also play has an important place in many religions specially in Muslim’s religion Islam and Hinduism. That’s why it is not just a cultural thing to apply mehndi designs on hands and feet but also many people makes henna designs on their body parts as religious thing.

125+ New Simple Mehndi/Henna Designs for Hands

It has been about one year since Pakistan won the title in international photography competition held by Wikipedia last year. Since the day, we have seen so many tourist activities in Pakistan. Sure, if we do not show our beautiful country to the world then how would people know about us? To bring the best of Pakistan once again, there are thousands of individuals from Pakistan has participated in new Wiki Loves Earth competition. While there are dozens of popular countries than Pakistan in term of beautiful places and tourists spots but still Pakistanis has uploaded most pictures in this competition and ranked number three in term of most participants in the contest.

The contest is already ended on 31st May 2016. Wikimedia Foundation has chosen top 10 beautiful pictures of Pakistan from the entries of thousands. Now on the bases of final judges, the award to winners will be distribute soon. So, wait for the final result and until then enjoy the top 10 beautiful pictures of Pakistan from Wiki Love Earth Competition

Top 10 Beautiful Pictures of Pakistan - Wiki Love Earth Competition

Download Udaari OST title song in MP3 format. This song has been sung by Hadiqa Kiani along with Farhan who is also the part of drama Udaari. Udaari is one of the most popular dramas of HUM TV due to its new story and the great acting by the team. Specially, the role of Bushra Ansari is getting popular due to her funny dialogue where Bushra Ansari did justice with her role in the drama. In start of the drama it was rumored that the Pemra has banned Udaari but there is no truth behind the news.
Udaari is a different drama than we are seeing on other televisions at the moment because writer has focused on important issues of the society which includes education for girls, sexuality, music and somehow the life of village and big city. If you are one like me who like to see drama other than saasbahu and love stories then Udaari is a perfect choice to watch.

Following I am sharing the download link of Udaari title song in MP3 including lyrics and option to listen online. The lyrics of the following song may have some mistakes specially in the Punjabi part of the song because I am not very good in Punjabi so If you found any mistake, do share with me so i can make is correct.

Title Song of Udaari Download Mp3 and Lyrics