Download full OST of Ishq Tamasha. The singers who has sing the OST of Ishq Tamasha are Sanwal Esakhelvi Sanam Marvi where is has been also sung by Rimsha Khan.

The lyrics has been written by Hunza Hill Music. The song is available in many different versions but following I am only share the one which is the part of the drama.

Title Song of Ishq Tamasha Download mp3 and Lyrics

Download Noor Ul Ain OST in mp3. The title song has been sung by popular Zeb Bangash and talented Ali Sethi. Shakeel Sohail has written the lyrics of Noor Ul Ain. The simple, light and beautiful lyrics makes this OST one of my favorite at the moment. There isn't any loud music or voice in this title song. This song could be download and listen all the time due to soft voice and lyrics.

The drama is already making the name in the circle due to the story. I have not watched any episode of Noor Ul Ain but I can say that it has a nice story because the OST of drama could told you many thing about the drama. The full OST is already available this website so you can enjoy it without any dialogue.

Title Song of Noor Ul Ain Download mp3 and Lyrics

Download Zun Mureed OST in mp3. Sahir Ali Bagga has sung this beautiful title song of Zun Mureed. He knows very well that how to impress the people through his voice. The lyrics of this song is as beautiful as the voice of Sahir Ali Bagga. The song is also available to download in official female voice.

Zun Mureed is still a new drama of HUM TV in which we are seeing Nadia Khan after a long time in a powerful and main leading role. The story has focused on the rights of women. I am defiantly watching all episodes of Zun Mureed and looking forward to watch more in future.

The story is not the only thing which has impressed me and other but also the title song of Zun Mureed is very beautiful with a powerful lyrics and music content.

Title Song of Zun Mureed Download mp3 and Lyrics

Download Khudgarz OST in mp3. This ritle song has been sung by popular Sahir ali bagga and Aima Baig. Sahir is also the one who has written the lyrics of this OST. The last episode of Khudgarz is about to live in few hours, that's why I want to add this beautiful OST in our database so the people later can download full OST, enjoy and remember the remarkable performance of whole team of the drama.

I did not got any chance to watch all episodes of this drama but if you read reviews of the fans, you will realized that the drama Khudgarz is making name in the list of best dramas of 2018 due to story and performance of the whole team.

Title Song of Khudgarz Download mp3 and Lyrics

Download Aisi Hai Tanhai OST in mp3. The title song of Aisi Hai Tanhai has been sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. It is an old song which has been dung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and this song has been used in past in many other drama serial. I have no idea about the poet who has written these beautiful and strong lyrics.

Aisi Hai Tanhai is definatly a drama which one should not be missed who love to see the drama which is beyond the regular topics of love and saas bahu stuff. Till now the story of this drama revolves around the story of a girl whose inappropriate images get viral on social media which leads her to end her life. Later his lover gets married with her elder sister. Could not tell you further and this is totally a new script and every episode has something new to watch.

You can download Aisi Hai Tanhai OST along with lyrics below

Title Song of Aisi Hai Tanhai Download mp3 and Lyrics [Full]

Download Khaani OST in mp3. This title song of Khaani has been sun by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan where the beautiful lyrics have been written by Sahir Ali Bagga and S.K Khalish. The composing of this song also done by the Sahir Ali Bagga. The voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and strong lyrics by the writer has taken this song on the height of popularity that's why it is one of the most popular OST at the moment.

The word Khaani means in Urdu brave. Till now the story of Drama Khaani shows the strong character of leading actress Sanam Khan who plays the role of a pragmatic girl. The title of this drama will give you an idea about the rest of the story and what we are going to see in the future.

This drama has been written by Asma Nabeel who is known for her strong script where the leading cast of this drama includes popular names like Sana Javed and Feroz Khan. The rest of the supporting cast includes the name like Qavi Khan, Saman Ansari, Mehmood Aslam, Seemi Pasha and Rashid Farooqui etc.

If you love a drama which has romance, love, emotion, drama and action, then this drama should be in your list to watch.

Title Song of Khaani Download mp3 and Lyrics [Full]

Download Daldal in mp3. The full title song of Daldal has been sung by Nida Irtaza and I have no information about the person who has written the lyrics of Daldal OST. Not only the voice of the singer fit with the story of the drama but the lyrics are hear touching. It took me time to bring this song on website because there was no full version of Daldal OST was available till date but finally I found one.

The story of Daldal is quite different than the typical Pakistani dramas which are about love and hate. This drama is the story of a guy who get married with a girl as his ticket to England. Till now the story is drama is interesting and I am hoping that this would give us the best drama of 2017 too. But till now, you can download and listen the full OST of Daldal below including the complete lyrics.

Sherry Raza has also sung the same song which is available on his official YouTube channel but I am not including this because it is not the official OST of Daldal or at least Hum TV has not played it yet.

Title Song of Daldal Download mp3 and Lyrics [Full]

Download Baaghi in mp3. This title song of Baaghi has been sun by Shuja Haider where I have no information about the person who has written the lyrics of Baaghi OST but probably, it must be Shuja as he usually writes the lyrics of his own songs. I am sure that I am not the only one who was waiting for this OST since the TV One has played the tune "Peera vay peera vay peera mein hojaoun na baaghi."

The drama is based on the real life story of Qandeel Baloch who has been murdered by her own brother due to her bold videos on social media like Facebook, Titter and YouTube. Whether you hate Qandeel Baloch or praise her work, but the acting of Saba Qamar will surly make you to think about the life of Qandeel Baloch from another angle.

Till now cant talk about the story and what different or extra we are going to see in this drama but till then, you can download the title song of the drama serial baaghi which is surly the hit of the year due to its lyrics and voice of singer.

Title Song of Baaghi Download mp3 and Lyrics

Download Ghairat in mp3. I have no information about the persons who has written the lyrics and sung the title song of drama serial Ghairat. The music is beautiful with combination of Alif Allah and Maaye Ni interwoven with modern lyrics. You can download the title song below in mp3 format.

Still now I have only seen the promos of Ghairat which looks promising. The drama is more about honor killing and much more. You can watch this drama on ARY Digital on every Monday at 8:00 PM.

Title Song of Ghairat Download mp3 and Lyrics

Download Laut Ke Chale Ana in mp3. This title song has been sung by Bushra Bilal where I have no information about the person who has written the lyrics of Laut Ke Chale Ana, which are indeed beautiful. You can watch this Drama on GEO Entertainment. The popular female actress Savera Nadeem is comign back to TV screen through this drama along with Noman Ijaz. There are many other popular names in this drama but they two are the main cast of Laut Ke Chale Ana

The title song of Laut Ke Chale Ana is based on poetry which you will also listen in the drama when the main actress Savera Nadeem will turned into a poetess. By promos, this drama indeed look interesting to watch where OST is surly touch your hurt due to its beautiful lyrics.

Title Song of Laut Ke Chale Ana Download mp3 and Lyrics