Download Not Ramaiya Vastavaiya mp3. The lyrics are written by Kumaar. The song is a dance track with a catchy tune and upbeat lyrics. The song is a dance track with a catchy tune and upbeat lyrics. It is a remake of the popular song "Ramaiya Vastavaiya". You can download Not Ramaiya Vastavaiya in mp3 below:

Download Not Ramaiya Vastavaiya mp3 and Lyrics

Download OST Tooti Phuti Kabli Pulao mp3. The song is sung by Sami Khan and Nimra Rafiq and lyrics written by Sami Khan. This is second OST of famous drama Kabil Pulao of Green TV Entertainment. The soothing music, lyrics and voices of singers make it a perfect treat for the fans of Kabli Pulao drama. You can download this title song tooti phooti of Kabli Pulao in mp3 below:

Download Tooti Phuti Kabli Pulao OST mp3 Lyrics

Download OST Jannat Se Aagay mp3. Quratulain Balouch and Shuja Haider sung this beautiful title song of Jannat Se Aagay and I just love to hear QB voice as OST after ages. What a masterpeice. There is no information about the person who lyrics these beautiful lyrics. It must be Shuja Haider who wrote the lyrics of Jannat Se Aagay. The drama is already making news on internet due to its unique story. You can watch Jannat Se Aagay on GEO TV but to download the title song, you need to use the download button below:

Download Jannat Se Aagay OST mp3 Lyrics

Download OST Mein mp3. Asim Azhar sung this title song of Main on ARY Digital where Kunaal Vermaa wrote the lyrics of Mein OST. Currently this is one of the famous drama of ARY due to its leading cast but here we will talk about the title song of Mein. Asim knows how to impress the audiance with his voice. The lyrics fit with his voice and music. You can download title song of Mein in mp3 below:

Download Mein OST mp3 Lyrics ARY Digital

Download OST Aye Mohabbat Ehraam-E-Junoon mp3 and mp4. The song is wrote and sung by Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and there is no information available about the person who wrote the lyrics of Ehraam-E-Junoon drama title song. We all know the every OST which has been sun by Rahat got lot of fame. This is not just because of his voice but also because of meaning of lyrics. You can download Download Ehraam-E-Junoon OST mp3 mp4 and enjoy lyrics below:

Download Aye Mohabbat Ehraam-E-Junoon OST mp3 mp4 Lyrics

Download OST Sirf Tum mp3 and mp4. The song is wrote and sung by Shani Arshad. Sabir Zafar wrote the lyrics of Drama OST srif tum. Hamza Sohail, Anmol Baloch, and Mohsin Abbas Haider are the main cast of the drama. I can't talk about the story of Sirf Tum drama as I am not watching on GEO but I can tell you that the song have very nice soothing music and beautiful lyrics. You can download Sirf Tum title song in mp4 and mp3 below and enjoy the lyrics as well:

Download Sirf Tum OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download OST Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri - Tu Ibtida mp3. The song is wrote and sung by Sibte Hassan. The song Tu Ibtida the title song of Mohabbat gumshuda meri is such a beautiful song because of its lyrics, voice and music. While I usually talk about the songs and lyrics but here I want to talk about the story of this drama. You can download the title song in mp3 below:

Download Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download OST O Rabba Ho Jindo mp3. Schumaila Rehmat Hussain sung this song and Ahad Siddiqui wrote the lyrics. This title song of Jindo O Rabba Ho have everything; the voice, lyrics and story. If you have watched the video of this OST, you will realize that it will remind you of PTV dramas. The story seems to be strong, cultural and emotional by the video and lyrics. You can download and enjoy the OST of Jindo in MP3 O Rabba Ho below::

Download O Rabba Ho Jindo OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download OST Aap Kitnay Haseen Jeevan Nagar mp3. Sahir Ali Bagga sung the song and Imran Raza is the lyricist. It is impossible that a title song of drama sung by Sahir Ali Bagga and its not get popular. I am not sure about the drama or its story but I can confirm you that OST of Jeevan Nagar is already and one of the most popular title song of Green Entertainment. And it is not just because of Sahir Ali Bagga voice but also the beautiful lyrics which define the beauty of lover. You can download OST Aap Kitnay Haseen Jeevan Nagar mp3 and enjoy:

Download Aap Kitnay Haseen Jeevan Nagar OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download OST Maaf Shaaf Honey Moon mp3. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sung this song and Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar wrote the lyrics. Combination of Rahat and Khalil always end up with masterpiece. The title song is definitely hit different because of the lyrics and voice of the singer. Green Entertainment finally announced their launch date which is 10th of July and you can expect to watch Honey Moon in the first week of the launch but till now, enjoy download Maaf Shaaf Honey Moon OST mp3:

Download Maaf Shaaf Honey Moon OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download OST Tumharey Husn Kay Naam mp3. Zenab Fatimah Sultan & Mustahsan Khan sung this song. The song music and voices of singers makes it very soothing song. If you look at the video of OST, you will found that its story about a young couple which are Saba Qamar and Imran Abbas. Saad Sultan & Sohail Shahzad are the lyricists of the title song Tumharay Husan Ke Naam. Unfortunately, I have not written the whole lyrics because its difficult to understand many words due to the way singers are singing it. But you can enjoy the songs while driving specially. You can download Tumhare Husn Kay Naam Full OST in mp3 below:

Download Tumharey Husn Kay Naam OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download OST Nauroz mp3. Amanat Ali sung this song where Kashif Anwar is the lyricist. It was hard for me to recognize the voice of Amanat Ali, but it is a good come back. By the OST video of Nauroz, it seems to be a story of a girl and her struggle to live. The lyrics of the title song of Nauroz Sawal are very soothing, or may be it is because of calm voice of Amanat Ali. You can also download and enjoy Nauroz OSt below in MP3:

Download Nauroz OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download OST of Kabil Pulao which is Ankhain in mp3. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the singer behind this song where Imran Raza wrote the lyrics of Kabuli Pulao. The song is all about the eyes and the beauty of eyes. I am not sure how come this is relevant to drama title but we cant say anything until we watch Kabuli Pulao on Green Entertainment. Until, download and enjoy the OST of Kabl Pulao in mp3 below:

Download Ankhain Kabli Pulao OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download OST of Idiot Ab Teri Yaad mp3. This is the new title song of upcoming drama on Green Entertainment. We have no idea that when Green Entertainment will officially launch but the shows of the channels are already making news because of beautiful teasers including Idiot drama. People mostly know this drama by its title song which is Ab Teri Yaad. You can download this OST in mp3 below and enjoy. The song comes up with beautiful poetry related to breakup. Overall the the lyrics of whole song are beautiful to listen, enjoy and feel.

Download Ab Teri Yaad Idiot OST mp3 and Lyrics