Download Ghalati OST in MP3. Nabeel Shauqat has sung this song very beautifully. The lyrics of this title song of Ghalti has been written by Imran Raza. The following song is available to download without drama dialogues. So if you are looking for without dialogues version, then you can download it below.

The drama Ghalti has already made the history because of its main cast. The viewers are loving the story and acting of every person of the drama. The couple has already made the news when they appear as couple in their previous drama Do Bol.

Download Ghalati OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download Ishqiya OST in MP3. This title song has been sung by Asim Azhar and lyrics has been written by Asim Azhar, Hassan Ali, Raamis, Umer. The drama has already made its popularity because of a strong story line but our concern is its song. The poetry is indeed nice but the overall music is average. We are may not be yet ready to listen Asim Azhar as OST singer for the dramas.

You can download the full OST in MP3 below. I have also shared the complete lyrics of the songs. If you found any mistake, don't forget to let me know

Download Ishqiya OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download Mera Dil Mera Dushman OST in MP3. This song has been sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and the beautiful lyrics of mera dil mera dusham has been written by Qamar Nashad. Usually I dont share the download link of OST of those dramas which on air after 8 but this drama is making difference and everyone already start loving it. I could not stopped myself to share this beautiful title song of the drama with you.

The poetry of the song is very emotional and touchy. If you are already watching this drama, then you must be looking for the full song. I bring the download link for you and it is available in mp3.

Download Mera Dil Mera Dushman OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download Pyar Ke Sadqay OST in MP3, which has been song by Ahmad Jahanzaib & Mahnoor Khan and lyrics of this title song has been written by Ali Moin. The the theme of drama Pyar ke sadqay is new. Many people YouTube are saying that it is inspired from the Turkish drama theme. Till now, we love the acting of the main cast of the drama which shows a promising story but this is just beginning of the story.

The title song of Pyaar ke sadqay is quite refreshing because of voice, lyrics and music composition. This is the full OST of the drama which has been released till now. You can download it in mp3 version.

Download Pyar Ke Sadqay OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download Ye Dil Mera OST in mp3, which has been sung by Sajal Aly and Shiraz Uppal where the lyrics has been written by Shakeel Sohail. Sajal Aly never stopped suprising us, first from her acting and now with her singing skills. This is the second time when she sung title song of her own drama with the leading singer.

This drama Yeah Dil Mera has actually two different title songs or you can say OST. We are sharing this one which is more famous than the other one as it comes with very beautiful lyrics. The drama indeed already won the hearts of people around the world but I love the OST most as compare to the drama.

You can download full title song below. If I found the better version, I will share it with you guys. Till now, enjoy this song.

Download Ye Dil Mera OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download Deewangi OST in mp3, this title song of drama has sung by Sahir Ali Bagga. The other name of the same song is Deewani. The lyrics of this song has been written by Imran Raza. Dewangi is latest drama of GEO TV, which is definitely a love story. I have not yet watched any episode of this drama but WOW, what a beautiful OST sung by Sahir. Everything in this title song is just perfect, the lyrics, music and voice of Bagga.

The lyrics or you can say poetry of this song has very powerful wording and meaning. It will surely make anyone sad or cry, specially those who failed in the love. If you are looking to download the full song without the drama dialogue, then you can do this simply by clicking the downloading button below.

Download Deewangi OST mp3 and Lyrics by GEO Sahir Ali Bagga

Download Baari in mp3 by Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustehsan without dialogue. This is the most trending song of the moment that's why we bring it on our website otherwise we don't really share the mp3 files of single songs. The song is popular due to many reason one of them is Momina Mustehsan and Bilal Saeed's beautiful voice. The lyrics of Baari has been written by Bilal, himself. I am sure that you are also listening this song on your TikTok.

What is the meaning of Baari? Well its meaning is window. I first thought its meaning is "turn" but after listening the song and rest of the lyrics I understand clearly.

The song start with a story line where popular YouTuber Rahim Pardesi has been features as the friend of Bilal. We really love the songs which comes with some story. If you are irritate with the dialogue, then don't worry as we bring the mp3 of Baari without dialogue. So, download and enjoy the song below:

Download Baari mp3 Without Dialogue by Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustehsan

Download OST of Thora Sa Haq in mp3. Shafqat Amanat Ali has sung the title song of this drama. I have no idea about the person who has written the lyrics but it has been composed by Adnan Dhool. In drama Thora Sa Haq you will able to watch one of most popular TV couple Imran Abbas and Ayeza together after a break. The story of this drama some how looks inspired from popular drama serial Humsafar but it is too early to judge.

While the voice of Shafqat has bring the life in the title song of this drama but lyrics are not very impressive as ARY has given to us this year. Still, it is good enough to enjoy or may be its just my opinion. You can download full song below in mp3 and enjoy.

Download Thora Sa Haq OST mp3 and Lyrics by ARY

Download OST of Ruswai in mp3. This title song has been sung by Ali Tariq where the lyrics has been written by Sabir Zadar. The simple yet heart touching lyrics and composing of Waqar Ali will make anyone to fall in love with the OST of Ruswai. The lyrics, voice and music is soft which makes me to add this song in my playlist.

The main cast of Ruswai includes the name like Sana Javed and Mikaal Zulfiqar. Sana is known for her sad "bichari type" acting. In this drama you will found her cry in every episode almost. I am not following this drama so cannot share much about it except I love its title song. You can download full OST in mp3 below.

Download Ruswai OST mp3 and Lyrics by ARY Digital

Download OST of Ehd-e-Wafa in mp3 which has been sung by various singers including Asim Azhar, Ali Zafar, Sahir Ali Bagga and Aima Baig. The lyrics of Edh-e-Wafa has been written by Imran Raza. This new drama is based on the story of ISPR army Jawan's life and their friendship. The drama started with some funny episodes but turned to be emotional very soon in next episodes. If you love to watch the dramas of army, then Ehd-e-wafa is defiantly a great choice to watch on HUM TV and PTV.

The cast of drama has many popular name from the industry but this post is all about its very energetic title song. I am not sure but the lyrics, music and voices of the singers always made me excited when i listen this song. You can listen and download the OST below in MP3.

Download Ehd-e-Wafa OST [FULL] mp3 and Lyrics by Hum TV