Download in MP3 the OST of Kahin Deep Jalay along with the lyrics. The title song of this new GEO TV drama has sung by Sahir Ali Bagga Where he also contributed in lyrics with M. Mujtaba. Sahir knows very well that how make anyone fall in love with his voice by adding the touch of emotions. I have not seen the drama Kahin Deep Jalay but by lyrics and beautiful voice of Sahir, you can easily judge that this drama has something special. Till now I have judge that the GEO drama Kahi Deep Jalay has sad, emotional, love and breakup type of story.

The cast of drama include many popular name which makes it a hit for the TV channel even before its launch. If you have seen its promos or trailer, then you can understand that what type of story you are going to see in Kahin Deep Jalay.

Following you can download full ost (title song) in mp3. We have introduced a new download button and hope that you liked it as it is fast and you don't see any daily download limits any more.

Download Kahin Deep Jalay OST mp3 and Lyrics by GEO

Download in MP3 the OST of Meray Paas Tum Ho in MP3. This beautiful song has sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. I have no idea about the person who write the lyrics. The full title song is available to download without any dialogue of the drama. Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar is the writer of Meray Pass Tumho drama by ARY. The writer already known for the sad and love based stories. So, this is another creation of him which will surely make the viewers sad.

Without any doubt, the title song of Meray Paas Tum Ho is beyond expectation. Every words of the OST is deep poetry and shows nothing but the feelings of a heartbroken. If you are already watching this drama on ARY, then you probably loving it. Complete cast of drama is just amazing from Humayun Saeed to Ayeza Khan where the other popular name includes Hira Mani and Adnan Siddiqui.

You can download full song in MP3 below. Currently it is not available on YouTube with video but somehow I found the complete title song.

Download Meray Paas Tum Ho OST [FULL] mp3 and Lyrics

Download in MP3 the OST of Bharosa Pyar Tera along with the lyrics. Sahir Ali Bagga has sung this title song for GEO TV. I have not yet really watched the drama Bharosa Pyaar Tera but I must say from the lyrics of the title song that this drama must has a strong and emotional story. Yet, I have no idea about the person who has written the lyric but each and every word is heart touching and beautiful specially with the voice of Sahir.

Download Bharosa Pyar Tera OST mp3 and Lyrics by GEO

Download title song of OST of Sun Kun Faya Kun in MP3. Love it or not, but the voices of Sahir Ali Bagga along with Manwa sisters are perfect for the title song of dramas. The lyrics of this song has been written by Imran Raza and Imran Raza know how to make a perfect mixture or poetry to match the lyrics of song with the story of the drama.

The drama Sun Kun Faya Kun is still new on HUM TV and story need more time to understand that whether this drama is going to be hit or not. Till now, I am impress with the main character of the drama. I am talking about beautiful Alizeh Shah.

The song may sound similar because of its name but it is totally something new to listen and enjoy. From lyrics to music, every thing about the Sun Kun Faya Kun title song is perfect mixture of a wonderful OST to listen.

Download Sun Kun Faya Kun OST mp3 and Lyrics by Hum TV

Download OST (title song) of Darr Khuda Say which has been sung by Sahir Ali Bagga and lyrics has been written by Shakil Sohail. I am sure that you are already watching this drama on GEO TV. I am already late to share the download link of this heart touching song Darr Khuda Say. From first line to last, the lyrics of of this OST is indeed beautiful. I am sure that one not going to get bored if this song is playing on repeat.

The story of this drama has already made its viewers to remember this drama for years but I must say that the OST has its own identity. WOW, what a beautiful voice, lyrics and music. You can download this title song of Dar Khuda Say below in MP3

Download Darr Khuda Say OST mp3 and Lyrics by GEO

Download OST of Deewar e Shab in mp3 which has been sung by Sahir Ali Bagga and Manwa Sisters. The major part of this song has been sung by Sahir, so you are going to listen his voice most. The beautiful lyrics of this title song of Deewar-e-Shab has been written by Imran Raza. There are many other songs of the drama which is being in demand and I am sure that you are also looking for.

The other songs of drama Dewar e shab are:
  • Mehwar Mere Junoon Ka Meri Zaat Hogai
  • Hazir Hamari Jaan Hai So Baar Aye
  • Deewar e Shab kKy Paar Hay Hum Paar Aye
I will share the download link of these songs when I found the full version. Currently only few second version of these songs available on YouTube so there is no mean to download them. Till now, enjoy the original title song of this beautiful drama by HUM TV.

Download Deewar-e-Shab OST [FULL] mp3 and Lyrics by Hum TV

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How to check Pak vehicle registration through SMS

Download OST of Do Bol (Ja tujhe maaf kiya) in mp3 which has been sung by Nabeel Shaukat & Aima Baig. WOW, what a beautiful OST ARY has given us. The lyrics of Do Bol (Ja tujhe maaf kiya) has been written by Naveed Naushad & Imran Raza and this title song is already making a trend on TikTok and Instagram because of beautiful lyrics.

The drama has already started. Without any doubt, the story looks new and promising. The first episode was enough to judge that this drama is going to be the hit of the year by ARY digital. The strong cast, title song, and story will surely win the hearts of the audience and Pakistani drama fans not just in Pakistan but also in India.

You can download the title song in MP3 and MP4 simply by clicking on the download button below. I am sure that you will also love the beautiful poetry of this song and the voices of the singers.

Download Do Bol OST mp3 and Lyrics by ARY Digital

Download OST of Anaa in mp3 which has been sung by Sahir Ali Bagga and Hania Amir. Yes, you read it right. The song starts from the beautiful voice of Hania Amir which proves that she is not just a good actor but a singer too. I am failed to find the name of the person who has written the lyrics of Anaa title song.

The drama has yet to begun so I cannot talk much about it as there is no information available except you can get some idea about the story from its teasers and promos on your TV channel.

Till now the OST or title song of Anaa is perfect in term of choice of singers, lyrics and music. Whether its match with the story of the drama or not, yet to confirm. Until that, you can enjoy this song simply downloading OST of Anaa below in MP3.

Download Anaa OST mp3 and Lyrics by Hum Tv

The title song of new ARY drama Cheekh is available to download in MP3 including its lyrics. This new drama Cheekh, already making news due to excellent story. I am not really impress with the OST of the drama but the lyrics are nice. I believe that there are many options available and this title song can be sung in much better way by other singers.

The lyrics of this OST has been written by Sabir Zafar where the name of singer is Asrar. The lyrics and voice of the song does not represent the word "Cheekh" and the strong story line of the drama. The music should be more loud, the lyrics should be more open minded to represent the overall drama.

You can download the title song of Cheekh below in MP3. I am also writing the lyrics.

Cheekh OST Download mp3 and Lyrics by ARY