Download OST of Anaa in mp3 which has been sun by Sahir Ali Bagga and Hania Amir. Yes, you read it right. The song starts from the beautiful voice of Hania Amir which proves that she is not just a good actor but a singer too. I am failed to find the name of the person who has written the lyrics of Anaa title song.

The drama has yet to begun so I cannot talk much about it as there is no information available except you can get some idea about the story from its teasers and promos on your TV channel.

Till now the OST or title song of Anaa is perfect in term of choice of singers, lyrics and music. Whether its match with the story of the drama or not, yet to confirm. Until that, you can enjoy this song simply downloading OST of Anaa below in MP3.

Download Anaa OST mp3 and Lyrics by Hum Tv

The title song of new ARY drama Cheekh is available to download in MP3 including its lyrics. This new drama Cheekh, already making news due to excellent story. I am not really impress with the OST of the drama but the lyrics are nice. I believe that there are many options available and this title song can be sung in much better way by other singers.

The lyrics of this OST has been written by Sabir Zafar where the name of singer is Asrar. The lyrics and voice of the song does not represent the word "Cheekh" and the strong story line of the drama. The music should be more loud, the lyrics should be more open minded to represent the overall drama.

You can download the title song of Cheekh below in MP3. I am also writing the lyrics.

Cheekh OST Download mp3 and Lyrics by ARY

Download full OST of Aangan Hari hari in MP3 with lyrics. The title song Aangan has been sung by Farhan Saeed & Naveed Nashad but the main part of the OST has been covered by Farhan Saeed alone. The lyrics hari hari of Aangan title song has been written by Imran Raza. I must say, what a beautiful song of HUM TV has given us before the year 2019 start.

Aangan has been one of the most awaited dramas of HUM TV due to two reasons; the cast of the drama and the write. This drama is based on the Khadija Mastoor novel. The screenplay of this novel has been done by Mustafa Afridi. The main cast of this drama included Mawra Hocane, Ahad Raza Mir, Ahsan Khan, Sajal Ali, Hira Mani, and Sonya Hussyn. Definitely, we do have many other actors too but they will play the role of main characters of the story.

I have read the complete story of Aangan by Khadija Mastoor and you must be shocked to know that Sajal is not the main character of the drama but Mawra Hocane who is playing the role of Sajal Ali’s elder sister.

I won’t spoil the drama by writing the whole story of the drama. So, you need to watch it on your own on HUM TV. Till now, you can download and enjoy the story.

Title Song of Aangan Download mp3 and Lyrics [Full]

Aiman Khan recently got married with Muneeb Butt in Karachi. We bring this post which is full with Aiman Khan wedding photos. Instead of sharing Aiman Khan wedding photos in different posts, we are sharing their mehndi, mayon, valima and barat day photos at one place.

Well, this will make it very easy for you to find all photos of this beautiful couple at one place. We have already shared the full video clips of their wedding, mehndi, nikkah day and barat on our website. You can find them simply by clicking the below link:

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt Wedding Photos

The news, photos, and videos of Aiman Khan wedding with Muneeb Butt is everywhere. Actually, some people fed up with the number of events they celebrated to enjoy their wedding. Well, we could not criticize this beautiful couple for celebrating their wedding in their own way, but we can share the videos of Aiman Khan wedding for you.

These videos of their Nikkah, Mehndi, Bridal show, Barat day and reception or Valima has been collected from different social media accounts and we do not own them. You can look at the videos of Muneeb Butt shaadi that not only this couple is very happy and celebrating their wedding but the other celebrities are also enjoying every event of this grand wedding of 2018.

Aiman Khan Wedding Dance Videos (Shaadi, Mehndi, Valima)

Download full OST of Romeo Weds Heer in MP3. This title song of Romeo Weds Heer has been sung by the popular singers Aima Baig and Sahir Ali Bagga. This is the newest drama serial of GEO entertainment which is already making its records of popularity every where. One thing we must understand from this dramas popularity that the Pakistani audience wants to see Shaadi related and funny family shows most.

We love this beautiful title of the drama. It is also a perfect song to play on shaadi, mehndi and other functions. The dance steps of this songs has been also done very well. The song has reached millions of views on YouTube where the every episode of Romeo Weds Heer start tending on YouTube Pakistan and India.

Title Song of Romeo Weds Heer Download mp3 and Lyrics [Full]

Download full OST of Baba Jani in MP3. The title song of Baba Jani has been sung by Piyani Vani & Wajih Farooki and lyrics has been written by Munawar. From every aspect, this is a wonderful title song to enjoy, specially the loud music.

Till now, I have not watched any episode of Baba Jani but if you look at the YouTube trend, you will see this drama always on the top. This means that Baba Jani is winning the heart of people all around the world due to its story line.

Following full title song of Baba Jani is available to download in MP3 without any drama dialogue. You can download it in your mobile, computer or even iPhone etc.

Title Song of Baba Jani Download mp3 and Lyrics

Download full OST of Deedan in MP3. The singers of title song of Deedan drama is Adnan Dhool and lyrics has been written by Asad Ali Shah. This title song is the perfection of everything from lyrics, tune, music to voice. The song has been sung in both Urdu and Pashto language. Following we have only include the Urdu version of the song in the lyrics section.

The drama Deedan is based on the culture of Pathan and it is a love story between two Pathan family. This is indeed an interesting drama to watch on A Plus right now. The drama already made the most number of views on YouTube many time.

You can enjoy the full title song of Deedan below. It is available to download in MP3 version.

Title Song of Deedan Download mp3 and Lyrics

Download full OST of Baandi in MP3. The title song of Baandi has been sung by Sahir Ali Bagga and Beena Khan where the lyrics has been written by Asma Nabeel. The full title song of Baandi without dialogue is now available to download in MP3. You can download this OST in your mobile or PC and play instantly.

The drama is already making news due to unique story, amazing acting and overall performance of the whole cast. But this post isnt about the story or cast of the Baandi but the title song which has very beautiful lyrics. Sahir Ali Bagga and Beena Khan has sung this song amazingly to make it one of the best title song of the recent time.

Title Song of Baandi Download mp3 and Lyrics

Download full OST of Aatish in MP3. The singers of title song of Aatish are Ali Tariq & Bushra where the song has been composed by Hassan Munir. The beautiful lyrics of this OST has been written by Sabir Zafar. It took us time to bring this song to you because the full version Aatish title song was not available. We are sharing this file of MP3 song without any dialogue of the serial.

Till now the story of drama has both; emotions and comedy but If you are watching the show, you can easily say that it wont last long. As soon as the secret of leading actor and actress will be reveal to the family, the story will turn very complex.

We could not say much about the story of drama, but we love the title song and sure that you will love it too. You can download the title song in MP3 following in your mobile as well, directly.

Title Song of Aatish Download mp3 and Lyrics - Full