Download Ishq Da Kukkar mp3 from Coke Studio which has been sung by Sehar Gul Khan. Sehar Gul Khan is also known as the Bol Kuffara girl. The lyrics has been writen by Asim Raza and he has did a great job like he did previously. The synchronisation of this song is just mesmerizing and she knows how to play with her range to keep the song entertaining. It is the episode number 3 of Coke Studio and till now Rohail Hayat has not disappointed his fans by giving us some of the best music of the year

Should I call this song Qawali? Yes, it is not but its sound like one. Whatever you call it, the girl who is famous because of Bol Kaffara did a great job with lyrics and pick the music right to make this song to enjoy, does not matter whatever your mood is.  Sorry about some missing lyrics but I try to pick right. You can download it in mp3 below:

Download Ishq Da Kukkar mp3 and Lyrics Coke Studio

Download Har Fan Moula in mp3 which has been sung by Umair Jaswal and Sanam Marvi where they collaborate on a dhamaal-rock spiritual song. WOW, What a beautiful song from the third episode of Coke Studio 2020. The music, voice, lyrics and amazing composition, everything in this song is perfect to listen and enjoy. Yes, there is some part in other language which has been sung by Sanam Marvi to make this song more special for the audience.

I am sharing with you the download link of Har Fan Moula in mp3 with 320kbps to give you exactly what has been composed by the team of Coke Studio 2020. It is a perfect song to play while you are travelling. The option to download this song is available below:

Download Har Fann Maula mp3 and Lyrics Coke Studio

Download title song of Raqs-e-Bismil in mp3. This OST of Raqs-e-Bismil has been sung by Vicky Akbar where the lyrics has been written by Farhat Abbas Shah. This is the new version of an old song called "O Kadi a milsa wal yaar way". Yes, there are some new addition in the lyrics but I am not sure who wrote that part. The composition of this title song is also inspired by the original song whose composition was done by Riaz Ali Khan and new part has done by Hassan Ali.

This title song has mixture of both languages Punjabi and Urdu. The lyrics are beautiful, so do the voice of Vicky Akbar. The drama Raqs e Bismil yet to start and you can watch it on HUM TV, but the song is already become famous due to beautiful poetry and voice of the sings.

The full OST of Raqs-e-Bismil is available to download in mp3. You can download it from the below button and don't forget to tell me that whether I made nay mistake to wrote this lyrics or not?

Download Raqs-e-Bismil OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download Boom Boom by Meesha Shafi in mp3 from Velo Sound Station. Velo has already given us some of the best songs to dance and play while travelling but Boom Boom by Meesha is one of the best among them. The reason behind the popularity of this song is definitely Nazia Hassan, the music which remind us the original song and lyrics. Meesha has done a brilliant job in this song.

The option to download Boom Boom in mp3 is very limited as Velo has made their YouTube videos for 18+ audience only but you have no need to be worried as we bring full song in mp3 below:

Download Boom Boom by Meesha Shafi in mp3 Velo

Download Dhuaan by Sajjad Ali in mp3 from Velo Sound Station. Sajjad Ali doesnt need any introduction when its come to music. His voice is known by not just in Pakistan but in other countries too. In his latest Dhuaan for Velo Sound Station he proved his singing quality once again. The song is probably new as I never heard these lyrics before.

Before you download duhaan by Sajjad Ali in mp3, I would like to appreciate the beautiful lyrics, music and over all composition of this song which is mixture more than one music genres. So, enjoy it by downloading in mp3 below:

Download Dhuaan by Sajjad Ali in mp3 Velo

Download Bijli Velo Sound Station by Aima Baig in mp3. Bijli is iconic song of Pakistan and Aima Baig and the Velo team has done unexpected and electric job to make it one of the most popular song of Velo to dance. Aima has already sung an other song for Velo but this one is better not just because her voice and music composition but also due to its lyrics.

Downloading Bijli by Aima Baig in Mp3 is bit difficult from YouTube because Velo has made it 18+ song without any reason or may be due to their product nature. But still, we bring the download option for you in high quality.

Bijli of Velo has been produced by Bilal Maqsood. Some lyrics are different than original song to make it unique. You can simply download it in mp3 below:

Download Bijli by Aima Baig in MP3 Velo Sound Station

Download Kasa-e- Dil title song. This OST has been sung by Sahir Ali Bagga where the lyrics has been written by M. Mujtaba. The soothing voice of Sahir and beautiful lyrics will make you fall in love this song along with beautiful composition and music.

This song has been released with other title as "Tu Mera Ho Ya Na". So do not get confused with this when searching for Kasa e Dil title song in MP3.

Download Kasa-e-Dil OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download the OST of Aik Aur Munafiq. This title song is also known as Dil Khuda Ka Ghar Hai by Sahir Ali Bagga. The lyrics has been written by himself. Wow, what a beautiful composing, lyrics and voice of the singer. It is not just a title song of the drama but a Qawali I believe. It has point out Munafiq people in the song.

Aik Aur Munafiq is a drama with series where you will able to watch a new story in every episode. A title song which present the stories of all these stories cant have much better lyrics than this.

You can download the full song in MP3 below and let us know whether you enjoy this beautiful song with strong lyrics as much as we did or not?

Download Aik Aur Munafiq OST mp3 and Lyrics

Download Fitrat title song in MP3 which is also known as O Zalima by Sahir Ali Bagga. Sahir has recently released the full version of this OST on his YouTube channel with its official title as "O Zalima". The lyrics of drama Fitrat OST has been written by M. Mujtaba. The song is already popular and we are a bit late to share download link with you in MP3.

The drama Fitrat can be watched on GEO TV. I am not really a big fan of GEO dramas but you have to agree that GEO drama's title songs are no less than any other channel. Specially when they have Sahir's voice in it with beautiful lyrics. You can download full OST of Fitrat without dialogue in Mp3 below:

Download Fitrat (O Zalim) OST mp3 and Lyrics GEO TV

Download title song of Mushk in mp3. This song has been sung by Ali Zafar where the lyrics has been written by Aehsun Talish. Ali Zafar has sing an OST for a drama after a long break. The title song of Mushk is mixture of Punjabi and Urdu language with some good music and composition.

Till now I have watched few episodes of this drama. The story is quite unique which is written by actor Imran Ashraf. I think it is the first drama of Imran as a writer.

The full song is available to download without any dialogue below. Enjoy and let us know whether you enjoyed it like us or not

Download Mushk OST [Full] mp3 and Lyrics by HumTV